Puer Glossary

A few years ago I thought it would be an educative and fun activity to start to compile a glossary of Chinese terms that are used in talking about Puer tea. After publishing the page, I largely forgot about it, and it looked like it got buried somewhere in the web of online Puer tea information.

More recently, because I realised that it had been viewed, I started looking at it again, and have subsequently realised what a labour of love it is.

Each time I looked at it, I would see entries that were garbled, contradictory, or even flat-out wrong. Every time I looked at it, I would think “Did I write that? What was I thinking? What was I trying to say?”.

So after maybe a year of dragging my feet – part of my reluctance to deal with it was due to some coding issues since I had imported the original document from another programme and ended up with lots of messy code which meant that each time I touched it, the whole thing was thrown into chaos – I finally got round to re-working it.

It’s far from perfect. There are probably still inaccuracies and some muddle. And there are certainly plenty of omissions. I also have some hope of including more expressions in dialect – because they are interesting and fun – ???????? ‘zhe ge cha jin ya chi’ for example. ‘This tea tightens the teeth.’ A reference to tea with some astringency along with a feeling in the lower gums – causing salivation – which is considered good. Actually, astringency is probably not the right word. It should be more like the French ‘âpre’ which sometimes is translated as acerbic in English, but is still not quite right; acidulous maybe.

So, still some way to go. Any comments or suggestions would be gratefully received by anyone who happens to find the glossary and be idle enough to look through it.

It can be found here: http://www.zhizhengtea.com/puer-tea-glossary.html