Where's it from? – Part 3

Someone we don’t know brought a tea sample into the shop. It’s a fantastic tea; an amazing fragrance, a full bodied flavour, enough bitterness to give it some backbone without being out of kilter, and a great huigan. But he won’t say where it’s from. We feel like it could be Meng Song or Pasha. Otherwise it seems like it could be a tea from Lincang; Bingdao area, but not bingdao itself.

The other problem is that he says he has 500 kilos of it – kind of hard to believe – but maybe. ” You can try any sample of it you like – it’s all the same.” he says.  We of course are willing to try. But we still have not faced the main hurdle; he doesn’t want to sell it in smaller quantities. He wants to sell it all together. The whole 500 kilos. And at his asking price – 1600 Yuan a kilo – it would break the bank since we’ve already bought a fair bit of tea this spring.

In the meantime, we’re very happy to sit over our sample, drink it with friends, and mull over the possibilities…..